Can I Bring a Phone Charger Into a Hospital?

Can I Bring a Phone Charger Into a Hospital?

If you or a loved one is anticipating a hospital visit after packing up your essentials, you may ask, “Can I bring a phone charger into the Hospital?” Your first instinct would probably be to say yes since phones are an integral tool in many people’s lives. However, some hospitals have rules regulating what items you can bring inside the facility, similar to how certain things are prohibited on planes. While many wall chargers are allowed, there is a good chance many patrons won’t have those on them. Emergency room patients and visitors are likely there unexpectedly and haven’t prepared for the long hours wait. Low cell batteries only add to the stressful emotions of a hospital visit, but this could be remedied by using portable device chargers.

Hospitals and Cell Phone Chargers

Policies about cell phone chargers vary from hospital to hospital, but they are put in place to gain more control over factors that could endanger patients and staff. Most hospitals allow cell phones, but some hospitals will insist on inspecting the charger before use. Just check your hospital's policy before plugging in.

Alternate Solutions

What are your options then if you find yourself up the creek without an approved phone charger?

Switch to Power Saver Mode

Switching to power mode is a good option for those whose trip to the hospital was unexpected. Most smartphones have a battery saver option that shuts down certain phone functions like brightness or app usage to conserve battery. This switch can make the device last hours or even days on a single charge, but the limited features limit your options for communication or entertainment.

Use a USB Port

Most charger models come in two parts: an adapter that plugs into the wall and a detachable USB cord. These USB charge chords can be separated from the adapter and plugged into a reliable laptop to charge and transfer data. However, if you don’t have a charger, likely, you don’t have your laptop either. If you did, charging could drain the laptop battery as well.

MobileQubes Portable Chargers

MobileQubes portable chargers ensure a full charge wherever you go. If you find your phone or device needs an immediate refresh, you can rent a portable charger at any MobileQubes Kiosk then plug in your phone when you’re low on juice. Once you’re done, return it to any location or pay to keep it.

Benefits of MobileQubes Portable Chargers

Saves Staff Time

With the demand for multiple chargers in a hospital, there’s not enough time to inspect each one a visitor brings in. We provide a quick and easy service that could save hospitals time and money. One electrician-approved MobileQubes stand can give power to a whole lobby of cell phones without anyone having to bother staff to approve chargers. In addition, nurses and staff will not need to keep logs about who has borrowed chargers since visitors can simply return the charger to the stand at the end of their visit.

No More Annoying Wires

Our portable chargers can give you all the power of a wall charger without having to carry a wad of wires in your pocket. No more racing against the clock to untangle your charger before your phone dies. Instead, just plug in and carry on.

Portable and Compact

MobileQubes chargers are designed to be used on the go so you can take them anywhere. Other power banks are bulky and drain quickly. With MobileQubes, you do not have to sacrifice power for portability.

Device Compatible

Not everyone has the same phone model, and relying on borrowing another person’s charger could be risky. We provide a plethora of charger options, so no matter if you are iPhone, Android, or somewhere in between, you can find quick and reliable charging power.

Return it Anywhere

Forgot to return the charger to the Kiosk you got it from? No problem! We expect you to travel with our product, so you can return the charger at any MobileQubes location.

When Would You Need One?

A MobileQubes charger is lightweight and can be brought unobtrusively into any part of a hospital, but when would you need such a thing?

Having a charger would be crucial if you went to the ER after a night out. Instead of leaving everyone in the dark, a portable charger will let you give your loved ones play-by-play updates of your status without worry.

If you are at a routine checkup and have digitized many of your medical records, a portable charger within the hospital provides peace of mind knowing you can access these essential files.

If you are a nurse, doctor, or technician staffed at a hospital, you are no stranger to long hours on the job. Batteries drain quickly on the phones, tablets, and other electronic devices needed to do your job. Access to portable chargers will help you focus on the vital work you’re doing, rather than worrying if you stuffed your charger into your bag before starting the day. MobileQubes chargers can also be helpful if you need to bring the same device with you through different rooms or buildings; no more leaving the charger in your office by accident.

If your friend has surgery and you have selflessly volunteered to bring them home, the hours in the waiting room can feel like days without a reliable entertainment source. However, with a MobileQubes charger, you will know your phone has enough juice to read a riveting ebook or watch a movie for hours without your battery slipping past the dreaded 20% mark.

Suppose you are anticipating multiple days in a hospital, either recovering from an illness, surgery or adding a new member to the family. In that case, you’ll be happy to save some space for other necessities. If you’re having a new baby, you’ll also want to make sure your phone is charged to take pictures to send to your friends and family announcing the new arrival.

Let MobileQubes Solve Your Phone Charging Needs

“Can I Bring a Phone Charger Into a Hospital?” shouldn’t be a question you have to ask when worrying about a hospital stay, and MobileQubes can help. No one should be stranded and tied to a wire and the wall to charge their phone.

If there are longstanding concerns for patient and visitor use of chargers, MobileQubes Blue is the solution. The need to be connected to our loved ones is more crucial than ever, and a cell phone or other device could be a lifeline to someone in need of support. In addition, taking away the stress of keeping a phone charged during a long shift or a multi-week stay brings widespread peace of mind and allows people to focus on their goals in a hospital: helping and healing. Visit our about page to learn how MobileQubes can help eliminate the no-charger stress.


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