Harrah's New Orleans Parking Guide

Harrah's New Orleans Parking Guide

In New Orleans, we love heading out to Harrah’s Casino in the CBD, but we hate the parking. Whether you’re a local or a transplant, a native or a tourist, we know you’ve embarked on the arduous journey for Harrah’s New Orleans parking. The meter maids are ruthless here in New Orleans. You don’t want to get caught up with a fat parking ticket or worse, the dreaded boot. Check out our guide to Harrah’s New Orleans parking to keep the good times rolling.

Harrah’s New Orleans Parking Guide

When on a quest for a good time, the worst hiccup in your plans could be parking, but it doesn’t have to be. Below is a quick and easy guide to navigating the CBD. Check out some of these options when looking for Harrah’s New Orleans parking.

Street Parking

Another more common option for parking is street parking. For the Harrah’s New Orleans parking customer who wants to get a spot nearby and doesn’t mind a bit of walking, this is the best result. All throughout the CBD, there is metered street parking available for public use. These parking stations are monitored by the City of New Orleans. (Here is a quick overview of all metered parking in New Orleans.)

Street parking is free on Sundays and various holidays celebrated in the city. When utilizing street parking, you must pay attention to the parking guidelines and the time purchased on the meter. These spots are closely monitored by parking enforcement officers and if you don’t purchase enough time at the meter, you run the risk of having your parking expire. This could result in a hefty parking citation or, worse, a boot.

Parking Lots or Parking Garages

If you want to avoid city parking infractions, another possibly safer choice for Harrah’s New Orleans parking is to choose from one of the many parking lots or garages in the surrounding area. Prices vary depending on location, day of parking, and time parked, but the CBD is filled with options near Harrah’s New Orleans. Some of these locations include the outdoor parking at 345 Tchoupitoulas Street and the parking garage at 457 S. Peters Street. Many parking lots or garages offer the ability to make reservations and guarantee yourself a spot at any given moment at a specific location. These options for parking are usually monitored by third-party, independent companies that have their own systems for doling out fines and citations when parking has expired.

Harrah’s New Orleans Parking Apps

The best way to ensure that you never receive a parking violation or go over on your parking time is to download a parking app. These apps allow you to feed the meter and add time onto your parking. No one wants to stop their fun at Harrah’s New Orleans to go back to their car and add money to the machine.

Use one of the apps below to get reminders when your parking is set to expire, to keep track of some of your favorite parking spots, and to extend your parking time as often as you need to. For more information on awesome parking apps for the New Orleans CBD area, check out these apps:

  • ParkMobile
  • ParkWhiz
  • Premium Parking
  • SpotHero
  • Parking Panda

There’s convenient parking all over the CBD, as long as you’re the lookout for good spots. A fast search on your smartphone for available apps can help you with that. Technology makes the world easier to navigate and parking is no exception. That’s why it’s vital to keep your phone charged when you’re on-the-go.

Harrah’s New Orleans Parking: Find A Qube and Keep Feeding Your Meter

Parking is made even easy when your phone is charged. MobileQubes provides easy and convenient charging on the go, so your phone is always ready to feed the meter.

Never worry about your parking expiring when you have constant access and a fully charged phone to your advantage.

With three MobileQubes kiosk locations inside of the Harrah’s New Orleans casino, you’ll never have to worry about draining your phone battery. Our kiosks provide convenient phone charger rentals that don’t require a cord and that you can return to any of our locations in New Orleans or across the country.

Find one of our Qubes today and stay charged up when navigating parking in New Orleans.