How Cell Phone Charging Stations Keep Patrons Happier & Spendier

How Cell Phone Charging Stations Keep Patrons Happier & Spendier

Have you ever been on your way out the door and noticed you have a low battery? Battery anxiety is real, and in a time when we rely on our smartphones, it can be stressful to leave your home when you know your phone is going to die. Of course, there are the typical power-saving tactics you can use, placing your phone on power-saving mode and using it sparingly throughout the night. However, this still does not solve battery anxiety.

LG conducted a survey in 2016 and found that 9 out of 10 people suffer from low battery anxiety. These people reported that they felt “panic” when their phone’s battery life dropped below 20%. While battery anxiety is not classified as an actual anxiety disorder, it still plagues many people and can change the direction of the entire night if not addressed.

Help Alleviate Battery Anxiety with a Mobile Charging Station

Why Should Venues Care

When you look around, everyone is constantly on their phone. Whether checking social media, taking pictures, or simply just texting, everyone is constantly using their smartphones. This increased cell phone usage depletes battery power, and over time, your battery life only becomes shorter and shorter. 

When you're at a ball game, spending the day at a theme park, or having dinner with friends, it’s not very likely that you’ll have an outlet nearby. Also, carrying wires and wall adapters is a hassle and takes up space in your bag and pockets. Soon all these problems will become a thing of the past with a mobile phone charging station. 

Since 90% of people suffer from battery anxiety. You need something in your place of business that will keep them en route and at the table. The LG survey also found that 32% of people will stop everything they’re doing to go back home to charge their phones. Businesses are losing money simply because there are not enough places to charge your phone when you’re out on the town. Even if every person does not have battery anxiety, most people do, and they will seize the opportunity to charge their phone as efficiently as possible. 

Increase Revenue with a Mobile Charging Station

The amount of time customers spend in business is called dwell time. Measuring dwell time gives insight into your business’s performance. For example, when people notice that their phone is dying, they’re likely to start closing tabs and looking for a waiter to get the check. In doing so, your business’s dwell time decreases, and you’re losing out on money. However, if your business had a mobile phone charging station, it would keep customers around, increase dwell time and sales.

Customer satisfaction is critical in keeping people returning to your business. A study found that 86% of customers are willing to pay more if they have a great experience. MobileQubes is a great way to give your customers a great experience and keep them coming back. By including MobileQubes in your business, you’ll increase your dwell time and create extra traffic. In New Zealand, a store installed charging boxes, and research found that customers spent twice as long in the stores with the charging technology. The proof is before our eyes; customers want businesses they can rely on to help them keep their phones charged.  

You Need MobileQubes

Become a venue customers can rely on with MobileQubes today. MobileQubes allows your customers to charge their phones in your business and increase their time inside, meaning more money gets spent, and customers know that they can rely on you in their time of need. If you want to be a business owner that customers can rely on, download the Customer Experience Management Calculator to learn how MobileQubes can help your business profit.


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