How Long Does It Take to Charge a Portable Charger?

How Long Does It Take to Charge a Portable Charger?

How long does it take to charge a portable charger? This is a question you may ask yourself if you’re caught in a bind with a dead phone or other mobile device. In this day and age, it's safe to say that almost everyone has a cellphone, tablet, or laptop. With the pandemic happening the use of all these devices has increased tremendously.

We depend on our phones and laptops all day, but using our cell phone or laptop all day is, obviously, incredibly draining. Seeing a low-battery notification can be anxiety inducing, especially in a world so dependent on having a mobile device. With the now constant use of all of these devices comes the dependency on portable chargers.

Portable chargers can be a lifesaver if you’re in need of a quick on the go charge. A small charger usually will take around 1 to 2 hours to charge. A large charger may take as long as 3 to 4 hours to charge, depending on its size. Some of the things you may ask yourself when questioning how long does it take to charge a portable charger are:

  • How big is the portable charger?

  • Are you using the right cord?

  • What power base are you using to charge it?

  • Are you trying to power your phone while using the charger?

Keep reading to find out how the different factors of portable chargers affect charging time.

How Long Does It Take to Charge a Portable Charger? The Factors of Portable Chargers

How Big Is the Portable Charger?

Smaller portable chargers are going to take less time to charge. However, if you are considering getting a portable charger in order to charge multiple devices you may want to consider getting a bigger charger. A 2,000 mAh (milliamp hours) charger is small and should only take about an hour to be fully charged. Having this small of a charger is nice because it’s compact and won’t weigh down whatever you’re carrying. The downside to having a portable charger this small is that it will probably only give your phone 1 full charge. After that, the charger itself will need to be recharged.

If you have a large portable charger that’s around 10,000 mAh, then it will take significantly longer to charge. However, the upside to this is that it will allow you to charge your devices multiple times before it needs to be recharged. 10,000 mAh chargers can take a few hours to be fully charged, and are larger than a 2,000 charger but the long charge time will allow more battery life for the devices you need.

Are You Using the Right cord?

While it may be tempting to buy a charging cable that’s only a few dollars, these are not quality cables. Low quality cables are an important part of charging times. Using a cord of low-quality can significantly increase the amount of time it takes to charge your portable charger. The portable charger should come with a cable that is subtable to charging it in an efficient amount of time.

What Power Base Are You Using?

Charging blocks also have a large impact on how long it will take to charge your portable charger. Smaller wall chargers aren’t going to provide as much power to the charger as quickly. Standard chargers that come with a new phone usually have 1 amp or 5 watts of power. That amount of power will charge your portable charger, but it won’t do it quickly.

Faster chargers have about 2 amps of power and will charge a small portable charger relatively quickly. However, if your portable charger is large it will still take a few hours for it to be fully charged.

Are You Trying to Charge Your Phone and the Charger?

If you are in desperate need of a charge, you may try to charge your phone while charging the portable charger. This is not a good idea, as it will slow down the charging speed on both devices. Not all chargers allow you to do this, but if the option is available, don’t use it. Doing this can also cause your charger to overheat and may ultimately permanently damage the device. Keeping your charger at room temperature is also a good rule of thumb to ensure peak performance. If you find your charger getting excessively hot, it’s best to unplug it.

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