How to Have a Dog While Traveling for Work

How to Have a Dog While Traveling for Work

Have you ever wondered how to have a dog while traveling for work? You may think it’s not possible and you’ll have to pay too much money to a pet sitting company while you travel.

Pet boarding facilities are an option but they aren’t the only one. While it’s not easy, you can have a dog while traveling for work.

Having a dog is a lot of responsibility as they require a lot of attention and care. Traveling with a dog is just as much work as having a dog but it’s incredibly rewarding because you get to see the world with your dog.

Here are some tips on how to have a dog while traveling for work:

  • Bring the dog with you

  • Use a pet boarding facility

  • Stay with a friend with dogs

  • Have a neighbor check on them

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Bring the Dog With You

This may seem obvious, but consider bringing your dog with you when you travel for work. Hotels are more pet friendly than they used to be in order to accommodate service animals.

Taking your dog with you works best if they’re trained and can handle being in an airplane or car for a long amount of time. If you plan to bring your dog with you on your business trip, you may want to let your company know because sometimes hotels charge extra when an animal is in the room.

You could also find a dog daycare at your destination so you know that your dog will be taken care of while you’re working. If you are traveling with your dog by plane, decide if they will be traveling with you in the main cabin or in the undercarriage.

Generally, it is safer to have your dog in the cabin; however, it also depends on the airline you’re flying with. Make sure to do the proper research before flying with your dog.

When traveling with your dog make sure you plan ahead and have the following:

  • A pet carrier or crate

  • All dog related paperwork

  • Food and treats

  • A Collapsible bowl

  • A bed

  • Toys

  • A leash or harness

With these things with you, you’re sure to have a successful trip with your pet companion right by your side.

Established Pet Boarding Facility

There are many dog daycare facilities that will keep your dog safe and happy while you’re away. A lot of these boarding organizations allow you to watch your dog and sometimes even talk to them so they know you haven’t abandoned them.

If you choose this option make sure you do your research and choose the best place to accommodate your pup. You may find that this option is best for you and your dog because they’ll be able to interact with other animals and receive the attention you may not be able to give them while you’re away on business. Make sure to visit the kennel or boarding facility beforehand so your dog is used to the environment and people.

Leave Them with a Friend with Dogs

Dogs need almost constant love and attention. If you can’t take them with you and don’t want to pay to board them, consider leaving them with a friend who also has a dog. Leaving them with another dog owner has many benefits. Your friend will already have everything they need to take care of your dog, your dog will have a friend to play with while you’re gone, and you’ll know your dog is being properly cared for. This option is also the cheapest option, you won’t have to pay extra hotel fees or boarding fees and you’ll know that your dog is in the best hands.

Have a Neighbor Check on Them

If your trip is a short day trip, you may be able to leave your dog home while you tend to business. Typically an adult dog can be left alone for 4 to 6 hours, any longer than that and they’ll begin to have separation anxiety. Leaving your dog home alone should only be done if your trip is short, and if needed, you should have a neighbor or friend check on them periodically to take them out for a walk, make sure their food and water are full and to give them some love and care.

Other Helpful Tips on How to Have a Dog While Traveling for Work

When leaving your dog, if you aren’t bringing them with you, make sure to maintain their routine. If you are nervous about leaving your dog, they will pick up on that and may act out by destroying furniture or having accidents in your home. Remain calm and know that whatever choice you’ve made for your dog is the best option and continue the same routine they’ve always had.

When leaving your dog be prepared for an emergency situation. Unexpected things can happen so have a plan in place if your friend or boarding center of choice calls you with an emergency. Whoever you leave your dog with should have your information as well as your dogs vet information.

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