Take an Old New Orleans Bar Crawl

Take an Old New Orleans Bar Crawl

Here’s a fun idea for your next night out: Take a tour of old New Orleans bar locations and get the experience of a lifetime. New Orleans is known for letting the good times roll, but it’s important not to let the historical side of the city go unnoticed. Truly a city that is rich in history and booze, New Orleans has many great sites and tons of delicious treats to fill all of your wildest cravings.

While every traveler must heed to smart advice in a new city regardless of the occasion, two things are for certain when you’re away from home: keep your phone charged and explore every new city you encounter. One of the greatest things you can do when you’re planning a trip to this great city is to get a taste of both on a tour of old New Orleans bar locations. Let’s stroll down memory lane and check out some of the oldies but goodies that New Orleans has to offer.

Old New Orleans Bar Locations

Everyone comes to New Orleans for the good times. There’s delicious food, overflowing spirits, and more than enough entertainment, but it’s important to note that New Orleans is so much more than a party city. Often, people forget there’s a vibrant cultural history inside almost every building in New Orleans, where an old site might house some new fun for tourists. When you’re planning a tour of old New Orleans bar locations, these sites you do not want to miss must have that fiery combination of history and entertainment. Let’s look at some of the old town bar goodies New Orleans has to offer.


A great old New Orleans bar has the history to back its amenities. Whether you’re checking out the French Quarter or riding the streetcar Uptown, there is history all over the city of New Orleans. There’s a backstory to every place and for the history buffs, who want a good story with their drinks and maybe a bite to eat, the following are a great selection to add to any old New Orleans bar tour.

The Cafe Lafitte in Exile

Crowned the oldest continuously operating gay bar in the United States, the Cafe Lafitte in Exile is a bar full of entertainment and heritage. The Cafe Lafitte in Exile opened its doors in 1933, operating in the historical Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop. This shop is believed to have been owned by the famous French pirate, Jean Lafitte. The bar was a popular haunt for many celebrities, such as Tennessee Williams and Truman Capote. It offers the quintessential balcony seating that is common for many French Quarter areas and a multi-level bar to celebrate Mardi Gras, Southern Decadence, and many of the other exciting New Orleans celebrations.

Ernest Cafe

For the folks seeking history and food, look no further than Ernest Cafe. Don’t let the name fool you - this is one pub unlike the others on the list. The great Ernest Cafe has called the historic Warehouse District its home since 1902. The Warehouse District is an artsy area, where people come far and wide to experience the sophisticated and trendy lifestyles of its inhabitants. Ernest Cafe is a tin-roofed saloon-style pub that has been in business for over 100 years and is known for its flavorful Cajun cuisine. Ernest Cafe is a great old New Orleans bar for those who like to luxuriate in the classic feel of New Orleans while enjoying its timeless booze. This outside bar is dog-friendly and a great location to get the most authentic feel of New Orleans.


When selecting old New Orleans bar locations for your city tour, don’t walk or ride past the fun. An old bar should give you what you came there for and offer you the kind of entertainment that only New Orleans can provide. You need a bar that can incorporate a mixture of fun and historical importance for your old New Orleans bar tour.

Molly’s at the Market

When Molly’s opened in 1974, this unassuming pub became popular for low-key artists, who strayed past Bourbon Street and sought a chill place to get their coffee or their brews in the French Quarter. Famous for their frozen spiked Irish coffee and boisterous jukebox, Molly’s has been all the buzz in the media with its celebrity bartender night and experienced staff. This place combines the history of New Orleans with the perks of its great culture - food and booze. It was all the rave in the ’80s when the writers and artists of the time would plop down on the seats in this classic-styled saloon and drink their passions away. When you’re looking for the best old New Orleans bar locations, your list would be incomplete without a trip to Molly’s at the Market.

Le Bon Temps Roule

If you’re truly in search of an old New Orleans bar, you have to check out the infamous Le Bon Temps Roule. This bar is both historic and entertaining. The building was purchased in 1979 by Ned Hobgood and has been the most sought out location for musicians for years after it opened its doors. This bar sits in the heart of Uptown New Orleans and has been the spotlight of many Carnival celebrations. If you want to be a part of a grand New Orleans tradition, have your first drink here. The walls of Le Bon Temps Roule have thumped with some of the most dedicated jazz musicians this city has ever heard and it’s a must for any history buff looking into old New Orleans bar locations.

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