Phone Charging Station for Bars

Phone Charging Station for Bars

Even before Apple Pay, Venmo, and Uber, running out of battery at a bar has been a problem for drinkers and bartenders across the U.S., and now that we use our mobile phones for everything, adding a phone charging station for bars is long overdue. Just like pool tables, darts, and jukeboxes, charging stations are quickly becoming a mainstay of bars that want to attract and retain patrons.

Without a means for customers to re-charge their phones while they’re out on dates, meeting friends, or blowing off steam after work, you risk losing customers. As soon as someone realizes that they’re in danger of becoming cut off from the world, they’re likely to use their final few remaining battery percent to order a ride home. If they had a way to charge their phone, their night could continue, bringing further business to bars. While someone at the bar can always ask to use the bartender’s charger or look for an electrical outlet, a phone charging station for bars creates an elegant and reliable solution, rather than relying on somebody else having a compatible charger and being near an outlet.

The Importance of a Charged Phone for a Night Out

While previous generations made social plans and stuck to them, ever since cell phones became ubiquitous, meeting plans have become fluid and flexible. Rather than being tied into one time or place, the contemporary bar scene is loose and free. Running late is not a problem, and the specific pub, bar, or club doesn’t have to be chosen until the last minute.

In many states, an ID app is acceptable for patrons who don’t want to lose their drivers’ license, and from Lyft to Venmo, Apple wallets to TripAdvisor, younger people are relying on their phones to find the right bar, buy their drinks, and get home safely at the end of the night. Of course, a dead phone is no phone at all, and without the means to charge a mobile, a bar will struggle to retain its customers.

The Bar: No Place for an Unguarded Phone

While back in the day, it wasn’t uncommon to see a pile of Nokia 3310s behind the bar, all plugged in and slowly charging under the watchful eye of the bar manager; with innovative charging technology, social attitudes have changed. Forgetting, misplacing, or having your phone stolen isn’t the minor inconvenience it used to be. Losing your phone now will set you back hundreds of dollars or more, ruin your week, and create hours of frustrating tasks, from changing email passwords and checking bank accounts for fraud to worrying about personal photos being shared online and private messages read.

Leaving your mobile phone unguarded, in plain sight in a public bar is a needless risk, and most insurance companies won’t pay for a phone lost to the negligence of leaving it charging in your local bar. A phone charging station for bars removes the unnecessary risks of leaving a mobile phone unattended in a busy and public place while ensuring that customers can stay for as long as they please, rather than being called away by a mundane chore.

Phone Charging Stations for Bars: A Great Draw

As well as retaining the customers already in the bar, by offering them the means to top up their phone battery, a MobileQubes kiosk will also become a magnet that draws people to the bar to charge their iPhones. Even in a small group of friends out for drinks, there is inevitably at least one person who always forgets to charge their phone and needs to top up their battery. With a MobileQubes kiosk, the bar will become the go-to watering hole for friends or couples with uncharged or low battery phones. When you need twenty minutes of charge time, the bar’s atmosphere makes it a great place to visit.

Rather than sitting in an uncomfortable space, you can enjoy a cold beer while you charge your phone and make casual conversation with other patrons or catch a football game on the big screen. As well as picking up a fresh MobileQube, when you’re done charging your phone or tablet you can return the used Qube to any MobileQubes kiosk, making any bar that hosts one an instant draw to anybody who has charged their phone and is looking to return their Qube.

Free up the Bartender with a Phone Charging Station for Bars

With the fast pace and multiple liquids, a busy bar is no place for a phone and charger. Bartenders are busy and need to focus. Engaging with customers constantly handing over phones, asking questions about charging, or requesting their phones back will prevent them from making drinks and serving customers. Watching over multiple phones or tablets is also distracting. A MobileQubes Blue kiosk is a small, tabletop device with a low cost, capable of accommodating multiple Qubes at once.

With shift changes, loud music, and poorly lit spaces, a phone can easily end up being given back to the wrong person, which causes endless problems for the bar and the staff, not to mention the person whose phone it is. A MobileQubes Blue kiosk is the perfect solution to this problem.

Request a MobileQubes Blue Kiosk Today

Without a MobileQubes Blue kiosk, there is no elegant solution to the timeless problem of charging a phone or tablet at the bar. It is needlessly risky and time-consuming for patrons, bartenders, and bar owners alike. All of this hassle can be solved by acquiring a MobileQubes Blue kiosk. This simple and robust device can be easily moved by hand and can provide charging capabilities to multiple devices simultaneously, drawing drinkers to your bar and avoiding tying up staff with mundane and risky interactions.

As well as providing an essential amenity to customers, creating another reason for them to visit your bar, installing a MobileQubes Blue kiosk in your establishment will save bartenders time and give patrons the peace of mind that their phone or tablet won’t be lost, damaged or stolen while it charges behind the bar.


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