Top Ten Useful Gadgets for Train Commuters

Top Ten Useful Gadgets for Train Commuters

It’s no secret that commuting to work can be the worst. If you take your car, you’ll probably get stuck in traffic, and that’s assuming you have one in the first place. Many people don’t live close enough to walk or take a bike, and buses can be unreliable. Fortunately for those in many urban areas, taking the train allows them to commute efficiently by avoiding traffic, long walks, and inconsistent bus schedules. With a bit of preparation and these ten gadgets for train commuters, you can take your commute to a whole new level.

Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones

If you’ve taken a crowded train before, you know that having high-quality headphones is an absolute must. Perhaps one of the essential gadgets for train commuters, noise-canceling headphones can allow you to be productive on your commute, and using wireless ones can keep you from getting tangled up. By tuning out those around you, you can begin your day during your commute and ensure you’re ready to go by the time you reach the office. Plus, headphones are perfect if you need to make any phone calls during your train ride. Without headphones, many other gadgets for train commuters would be useless, so make sure to stow your favorite pair in your bag each morning.

Laptop Computer

This gadget may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s worth adding to the list because it’s such an important one. You’ll likely need your laptop once you arrive at work, so make sure you have it with you for the commute. If you’re looking to be productive, you can get started on your next project or catch up on emails. If not, you can download your favorite tv shows and catch up on those instead.


Another no-brainer, your cellphone is one of the most important gadgets for train commuters. Without your phone, you won’t be able to make any calls, listen to music, catch up on your latest podcast episode, scroll through Instagram, or even play games to pass the time. Whether you’re team iPhone or Android, we can all agree that your phone is an absolute necessity when it comes to your morning commute.


If you're looking for a more stimulating commute, look no further than an eReader! eReader's are a great way to turn your downtime into something more productive, and by packing an eReader instead of a physical book, you'll save tons of space in your bag. Best of all, many public libraries now offer ebook lending so that you can have endless options for reading. If reading is less your style, you can often download audiobooks. Reading is the perfect way to decompress after a long day and the ideal way to wake your brain up in the morning.

Handheld Gaming Device

As a kid, one of my favorite pastimes was playing Super Mario Bros on my Nintendo DS. Now, with the rise of the Nintendo Switch, we can go back to our roots and use our commute time to play games once again. Handheld gaming devices are probably one of the gadgets for train commuters that gets forgotten, but it's such a simple one, especially considering the wide variety of handheld devices available.

Calendar/Scheduling App

Less of a gadget and more of a feature on a gadget, having a good calendar or a scheduling app is a great way to increase productivity on your commute. Using an app like Google Calendar can help you to plan your day out ahead of time. Having your agenda laid out in front of you makes it easy to see what you need to prioritize and what can get done later.

Pepper Spray

Taking public transportation is a fantastic way to commute to and from work with minimal hassle. That being said, you can never be too safe, especially if you're commuting in an area you aren't entirely familiar with. Keeping a small deterrent like pepper spray on you can help ease your mind and keep you protected.

Corded Headphones

Few things are worse than pulling out your headphones to find that the battery is completely drained. If you have your MobileQube on you, you can recharge, but if not, it's probably best to keep a spare pair of corded headphones with you to ensure that you can listen to your podcast, music, tv shows, or whatever else it is you listen to during your commute. Corded headphones are also a great way to make phone calls, so long as you have a pair that has a microphone built-in.


When you think "gadgets for train commuters," you probably don't immediately think of sunglasses, but these are an essential part of an enjoyable commute. Depending on the time of year, you may find yourself dealing with the sun directly in your eyes throughout your morning or evening commute. Without sunglasses, you'll be pretty miserable. Stash your favorite pair of polarized sunglasses in your bag to make sure you're never blinded by the morning sun of your commute.

MobileQubes Portable Chargers

Almost all of these gadgets for train commuters rely on a battery to keep them fully functional. Keeping track of what needs charging can be exhausting, but luckily, MobileQubes helps take some of the guesswork out of that. These portable charging devices are compatible with any device, and best of all, there are no cords to get tangled up in. Just find a kiosk, rent or buy a qube, and get on your way.

It's safe to assume that commuting to work is no one's favorite part of the day. Taking the train can make the commute a little more bearable, but it's what you bring along with you that'll set the tone. With these ten gadgets for train commuters, you'll be more productive than ever, and you'll never be bored on your way to work again. And thanks to MobileQubes, you'll never have to worry about your favorite gadget running out of juice when you need it most.